Sunday, March 9, 2008

a local network

The more I think about this network I feel that there should be a local expression, a pilot program, a working example. So I would like to form a network in the San Clemente, CA area. I would like to invite youth and adults from various backgrounds to be a part of a network. This network would be tasked with furthering awareness of justice issues in San Clemente among youth which will hopefully lead to action.

Perhaps this will look like an educational event.

I have also been giving thought to the differences between networks and committees. A committee has a specific agenda and structure that is different than a network. A network is open. There is no set agenda. What there is, is a coming together of people and groups to share resources. So perhaps what is needed is a group of committed individuals who will plan a network meeting. These folks will invite groups to participate in a network meeting and educational event. The idea here is that we do not want to tell people how to do their job. Many churches already do amazing things toward the end of justice. Many youth already are engaged in helping the poor and bettering their communities. What we need is to bring these people together to learn from one another.

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