Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hate on the rise?

Yesterday I saw on the news and read in an article that the number of hate groups in America is rising. Many of these are focused on immigrants. In fact, there is a correlation between an increased number of anti-immigration groups and an increase in hate crimes toward Latinos--who may or may not even be immigrants.

See Hate Rises from the Washington Post.

Also see USA Today.

What is interesting about this, is that just a couple of weeks ago a news piece came out that among all crimes committed in California...a disproportionately large amount are committed by legal citizens. See NPR story "Do Illegal Immigrants Burden the Justice System?"
The answer is no.

So why do we hate? Fear? Insecurity in ourselves? Because we are taught to? Perhaps the answer is all of the above. I am inclined to say that if there is to be a Youth Justice Network, then this is an area we should focus.

  • What ever happened with immigration reform?
  • What medical provisions are there for the undocumented?
  • Who looks after their rights?
  • Do enough people understand the causes behind immigration?
  • What can be done to strengthen community ties with immigrants?
  • What can the church do to stand in solidarity with immigrants?

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