Thursday, March 13, 2008

easter egg hunt fun and fair

Today at our church and school our day care provider is having an Easter Egg hunt. She was tired of having the older faster kids trample over the younger ones and take more than their fair share of eggs. So she devised a creative way of making the game fair.

All kids lined up on a starting line and on "go" they went on got one egg. They returned to the starting line for another round. Then once again everyone ran and got just one egg. This continued until everyone had quite a few eggs and treats within. Everyone had the same number. This system allowed for the youngest or slowest to have as many as the oldest and fastest. The kids had a great deal of fun!

Once the hunt was over we had read a passage from Acts 2, "...and they shared everything..." In just one game we can learn what it means to be just.

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