Sunday, February 21, 2010

King David - Anointed Boy

We kicked off the first week of reading the Bible from a youth perspective with a look at David (1 Samuel 16-18).  He was the youngest of eight brothers (were there any sisters)? Yet the Lord chose him, youngest to be the next king of Israel, why?

I asked the youth of our church and their answers were insightful:
-The young may not have as much experience, but they can think more creatively than adults
-The young have a more naive faith and pure heart, they are not as concerned about establishing their own well beings, and they are more open to serving God.

We then read about how David became the private harp player for King Saul, and then slays Goliath.  Strangely, after David kills Goliath, Saul doesn't recognize him.  Why not?  My professor of Hebrew Bible claimed that it is written as a polemic against Saul.  Either way, it is the young David who is overlooked by royalty.  He is literally just a "little guy."  I asked the youth if they could relate to this, to ever being overlooked.  They said, "yes" unanimously.

We ended our discussion by looking at how David grows up and mimics some of the same behaviors shown to him.

What are your thoughts?  What other youth-oriented perspectives are in this text?  What do you think we should read next?


Pastor Jeff said...

David seems to be presented in three ways: As the Shepherd; As the Musician; and As the unknown Warrior. One would have to be careful reading this passage through only a "Youth hermeneutic" or shall I coin a term "Yutermeneutic." I don't think it is so much that Saul dismisses, or overlooks David because of his Youth--Saul is now blind to the work of Yaweh. Afterall, here in his very presence is the newly "Annointed King" but Saul cannot see it. Nor can Saul see any of the workings of Yahweh...and thus he will have to be replaced by someone who can. David beleives in the old stories of deliverence, in the power of Yahweh because David has lived it among his sheep keeping them safe from predators. Thus, all David will need is 5 smooth stones (4 too many as it turns out). The real culprits in overlooking David because of his Youth are Jessee and Samuel!

Good work!

Pastor Jeff said...

Other Youth you run into in the bible:
Isaac and Ishmael...Great stories..think about the Hagar banishment from Ishmael's perspective. Or Isaac's perspective of walking with Dad up the mountain for a sacrafice!!

Samuel in the Temple
and of course the 2 she bears that maul the 40 no good youth at the beckoning of Elisha!!

Wesley Menke said...

Thanks for the comments and ideas PJ. Yes I was thinking about Isaac and Ishmael. I recently read Renita Weems take on it in "Just a Sister Away." She makes a powerful point: it is the tears of Ishmael that drive God to mercy.