Wednesday, May 7, 2008

new check points

In an article I read today in the LA Times, Border Patrol is now arresting undocumented immigrants as they leave the United States. There have been periodic check points for traffic leaving the United States into Mexico since 9/11. But not until recently have undocumented immigrants been sought out and arrested in these check points.

Why would this happen? By doing this, the US government is creating an aversion to leaving the very country that does not welcome immigrants. Apparently immigrants are processed and then released into Mexico creating a record of the crime.

The article cites pressure from increasing anti-immigration groups and sentiments among US citizens for stricter enforcement. This is a classic example of government doing something illogical and counter productive based on pressure from influential groups and bad policy.

Thinking long term, I wonder what the best method is for countering such hateful and racist activity from our own government. I suggest increased relationships with our friends on the other side of the border. I believe strengthened friendships is the best way to combat hate.

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